Job Re-Evaluations

Jobs whose responsibilities have significantly changed may be re-evaluated to confirm placement in a proper grade. The procedure for re-evaluating a job is the same as evaluating a new job. Increased volume, workload, or use of new tools may not result in a change in salary grade.

A job re-evaluation may be initiated by the employee or supervisor. Because it is the supervisor's responsibility to determine the structure of the job, an employee should discuss a re-evaluation with the supervisor first. Supervisors’ are encouraged to discuss the job with Human Resources before a Job Analysis Form is prepared. As with a new job, a job re-evaluation requires a two-week period for completion by Human Resources.

Request for Reconsideration

Job evaluation results will be communicated to the Department Head/Chairs by Human Resources. Employees and/or Department Heads/Chairs, or supervisors may request a meeting with a representative from Human Resources if there are any questions regarding the outcome of the evaluation process. If this review process does not result in a satisfactory resolution, the Director of Human Resources will engage in consultation with the appropriate Senior Staff member.