Conditions of Employment

Basic Information About Beginning Employment

The hiring department must send documentation to Human Resources authorizing payment to faculty and/or staff.   

You must complete necessary state and federal tax forms at the Human Resources Department in order to be officially employed by the College.

You must also show appropriate documentation authorizing employment in this country. 

You should make an appointment with the Human Resources Department to review benefit options as soon as possible after you are employed, but certainly within 30 days of your date of hire to enroll in the benefit plans for which you are eligible.

Background Checks

In order to assure that prospective employees do not have personal histories of credit, criminal or vehicle operations problems that would make them ineligible to serve in certain positions, the College performs credit and criminal background checks during the hiring or promotion process. While this policy identifies particular positions for which such checks will be regularly performed, the College reserves the right to perform credit and criminal background checks for other positions or in individual circumstances whenever it is deemed appropriate to protect the College, its employees or its students.  For further information on this policy, see Background Checks.