Categories of Employment

A series of employment categories have been developed to identify the type of position held by each staff member at the College. In order to be sure that you are receiving all benefits to which you are entitled, it is important that you understand your employment category.

At the time you are hired, you are informed of your employment category and type of appointment, including both weekly and annual work schedules. If you are now a staff member and were not given this information, or if, after studying this section, you are unclear as to the type of appointment you hold; you should consult your department head and the Human Resources Department for clarification.

Major Employment Categories


The Faculty of the College shall consist of the President, the Dean of Faculty, all who bear the academic titles of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Senior Lecturer, and Lecturer.  For further information, please refer to the Handbook of Faculty Legislation.

Administrative and Professional Staff

The administrative and professional staff includes those staff members primarily responsible for administration of the academic, financial, and business affairs of the College and for providing support services to faculty and students and include those with such titles, for example, as accountant, comptroller, dean, director, or manager.

Office and Technical Staff

These staff members provide clerical, administrative and technical support services to faculty and/or administrators in various academic and administrative offices and include those with such titles, for example, as receptionist, call center specialist, dispatcher, administrative assistant or senior administrative assistant.

Service Staff

The staff members in this classification provide maintenance or support services in such departments as Facilities Management or Dining Services, and include those with such titles as, for example, custodian, housekeeper, skilled laborer, cook, police officer, or painter. If they are members of a bargaining unit, the conditions of their employment are governed by an agreement between the College and the union.


This category is reserved for Mount Holyoke students. Many offices and departments employ Mount Holyoke College students during the academic year and in the summer in varying support positions. The Student Employment Office, located in the Career Development Center, assists students in obtaining on-campus employment.

Other Student Employees

This category consists of high school and college students who are employed in some departments during winter, spring, and summer recesses.

This handbook has been prepared for staff employees - managerial, executive, administrative, professional, paraprofessional, office, clerical, technical, and service – who are neither teaching faculty nor members of a bargaining unit.

Employment Opportunities