Staff Handbook

This handbook has been developed by a representative group of College administrative and professional staff, in consultation with the Human Resources Department, to provide employees and their supervisors with clear, concise and accessible information concerning policies, procedures, and benefits, and to provide a framework within which essential teamwork and collaborative enterprise can occur. The College values its employees and looks forward to continuing a mutually satisfactory employment relationship. This handbook will give you guidance as to what to expect from the College and what the College expects from you.

In this handbook you will find brief descriptions of the College's personnel policies. Your specific rights and benefits under the College's benefit insurance plans are governed by each benefit plan or contract, and are described in detail in separate booklets. These are available in the Human Resources Department and online.  Please refer to the specific benefit for more information.  The policies summarized in this booklet have been adopted voluntarily by Mount Holyoke College and are not intended, and do not establish, contractual rights or obligations.

The handbook reflects current College policies and benefits; however, the College may from time to time change those policies and benefits. Policy changes are within the sole discretion of the President of the College and may be made with or without notice, and will be in writing. No other College official or representative has authority to alter the policies in this handbook, or to enter into a contract, or make an oral promise inconsistent with the policies in this handbook, as modified.

The handbook has been prepared for executive, administrative, professional, paraprofessional, technical, secretarial and clerical employees. In some departments, specialized functions require policies and procedures applicable only to those functions. Departmental manuals cover these additional policies and procedures.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the administration or applicability of policies outlined in this handbook, you are encouraged to seek advice from the Human Resources Department.