Exempt and Non-Exempt Status

Mount Holyoke College conforms to all of the terms of the Fair Labor Standards Act (also known as the Federal Wage and Hour Law) including the payment of minimum wages and overtime pay.

These laws and their regulations establish criteria for determining which positions are "non-exempt" (i.e., hourly and therefore require pay for all hours worked), and which positions are "exempt" (i.e., do not require additional pay for additional hours worked). The Human Resources Department and Financial Services have the responsibility for ensuring compliance with these laws and regulations including the determination of exempt or non-exempt status. Generally, administrative and professional staff positions are classified as exempt.

Non-Exempt Employees

Non-exempt employees are required to complete timesheets reporting the hours worked during the pay period reported. It is the supervisor's responsibility to verify and electronically or physically sign the timesheets verifying their accuracy and authorizing payment for the hours worked.

Exempt Employees

Exempt employees are on a monthly salaried payroll and are not required to fill out time and attendance records, nor are they affected by the overtime regulation mandated by federal wage and hour legislation.

Exempt employees are expected to put in the hours necessary to complete work without additional compensation. Exempt employees are, however, required to fill out electronic forms indicating usage of accrued sick and vacation time on a monthly basis.

If you are uncertain about the status of your position in either of these categories, please consult the Human Resources Department.  For additional information, see Overtime and Compensatory Time.