Non-Benchmark Evaluation

Individual Jobs

Human Resources will review selected "benchmark" jobs annually. In addition, as part of the audit process, review of other positions will be done at the request of the Division/Department Heads.

  • "Benchmark" jobs are those that represent many employees or for which survey data is readily available. These jobs form the anchor of the salary structure.
  • "Benchmark" jobs will be compared through compensation surveys with labor market competitors.

Evaluation of "Non-Benchmark" Jobs

To supplement the benchmarking information, the College gathers job responsibility information through a Job Analysis Form.

Jobs are then evaluated through a systematic method of comparing certain criteria, called compensable factors, from one job to another. These criteria, in alphabetical order, are:

Decision Making Judgment
Degree of Technical and/or Analytical Complexity Physical Effects or Working Conditions
Education Resourcefulness and/or Creativity
External Contacts Student/Parents Interaction
Financial Responsibility Supervision
Job Related Experience Team Work

Job evaluation does not focus on how well an individual performs a job, but rather factors such as, but not limited to, the skill and responsibility of the job itself.

The responsibilities for jobs without market pay information (called "non-benchmark" jobs) are compared to "benchmark" jobs. This comparison results in "non-benchmark" jobs being placed into the appropriate salary grade.