Employee Performance Review

Mount Holyoke College instituted a Performance Review/Career Management Program in order to provide each employee an opportunity to formally communicate directly with their supervisor at least once a year on a one-to-one basis . This meeting will allow each staff member to review her or his job performance, strengths, areas in need of improvement, common objectives, and define both department and personal goals.

The annual Performance Review will take place each year for all regular full-time and part-time staff members. Employees hired on a temporary basis will not be included in the Performance Review Process. New employees should be reviewed every three months from their date of hire until incorporated in the annual review.

The guidelines for the Performance Review process are administered by the Human Resources Department. The employee completes a self-evaluation form and the supervisor completes the form on the employee. The discussion generated during the review of both forms should provide an opportunity to assist the employee in achieving a satisfactory level of performance throughout the year.

This should be a positive and worthwhile experience for both the employee and the supervisor.