Individual Placement within Ranges

The criteria used to set salaries are the same for internal hires as for those hired from outside of the College. An individual's placement within the salary range (requires login) is based on that individual's education, related experience, and skills.

Starting Rates of Pay, Promotions, and Transfers

The salary ranges offer considerable flexibility for hiring new employees at competitive rates. Salary offers for new hires should be based on the experience and qualifications the candidate brings to the job. Experienced candidates may receive salary offers reflective of their experience, accomplishments, and skills. Individuals with less experience and fewer skills could be offered a salary close to or at the minimum of the range. The candidate's qualifications and experience should also be considered in relation to those of incumbent employees in the same salary range (not just in the same job) so that internal inequities are not created when we hire new employees.

Promotional increases are salary increases that accompany a promotion from a job in one salary grade to another job in a higher salary grade. When an employee is promoted, his or her salary will be raised at least to the minimum of the new salary grade. If the employee's current salary is higher than the minimum of the new salary grade, a promotional increase may be determined jointly by the Department Head/Chair or supervisor and Human Resources based on the new responsibilities and duties of the job.

Transfers offer employees the opportunity to change jobs to develop additional skills and to broaden their professional knowledge. A lateral transfer is a move to a position within the same salary grade. There are no automatic increases for a lateral transfer; however, a salary increase might be made based upon the new job responsibilities. When an employee is transferred to a job in a lower salary grade, an adjustment to pay may be made based on the responsibilities of the new job.

Wages above Maximum

In general, employees who reach the maximum of the assigned salary range are being paid above the competitive marketplace. The policy for employees whose pay is over the maximum of the salary range is currently under review.