Intersectionality in the Classroom

We are all located at the intersection of multiple identities. That is, there is no single African-American, female, cisgender, working class, or first-generation experience. Taking an intersectional approach to our classrooms means becoming aware of the multiple forms of oppression and privilege each individual faces and how they interact with one another. Two transgender students from different class or racial backgrounds are going to have different perspectives and life experiences, even though they have one identity in common. An intersectional approach attunes faculty and staff to the wide range of experiences in our student body, allowing them to better support students as they navigate their time at Mount Holyoke.

Campus Resources

Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students

Learn techniques to use in the first five minutes of the semester, gender neutral/affirming ways to address your class and tips on correcting mistakes.


Mount Holyoke College is dedicated to ensuring that all students are equal and full participants in the college experience.