Our Philosophy

The Teaching & Learning Initiative serves as a centralized resource for faculty throughout their career at MHC, supporting teaching across a wide range of disciplines, styles, and methods. In all our work, we are committed to rigorous intellectual engagement, creative collaboration, and the cultivation of an inclusive, 21st century student and faculty community. We strive to facilitate discovery, connection and collaboration across the College by:

  • Supporting all faculty in their development into excellent teacher-scholars so that they can help cultivate a lifelong love of creative discovery in every student
  • Facilitating discussions among faculty and staff about how people learn, what our role is in that process, and how to best promote teaching excellence at Mount Holyoke
  • Developing collaborative opportunities between academic and instructional support offices to support a diverse community of engaged learners who are able to make connections between their work at Mount Holyoke and a life of purposeful engagement in the world
  • Promoting an inclusive culture in our campus community, supporting all faculty as they strive to use more inclusive teaching methods in collaboration with an ever-evolving student population
  • Supporting the scholarship of teaching & learning among our faculty