Teaching Resources

People learn by confronting intriguing, beautiful, or important problems, authentic tasks that will challenge them to grapple with ideas, rethink their assumptions, and examine their mental models of reality. These are challenging yet supportive conditions in which learners feel a sense of control over their education; work collaboratively with others; believe that their work will be considered fairly and honestly; and try, fail, and receive feedback from expert learners in advance of and separate from any summative judgment of their effort. — Ken Bain, What the Best College Teachers Do

Mark Shea illustration by Marina Li

FIT Course Design

Learn more about the flexible immersive teaching (FIT) at Mount Holyoke College.
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Syllabus Design

An excellent syllabus is a map or user-guide for students to engage more fully with their own learning in your course. Learn more.
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Learning Centered Teaching

Putting the focus of higher education classrooms on learning, rather than teaching. Placing the emphasis on the student using content.
Students involved in active learning

Active Learning

Help students better engage by adding a few activity learning techniques to lectures.
Learning groups in a classroom

Team Based Learning

Offering students the opportunity to learn in cooperative learning groups is more important than ever.
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Teaching Writing

Videos and other resources to assist in planning writing assignments that help students develop the ability to write confidently and effectively.
Student in MHC Art Museum

Teach with the Museum

The Mount Holyoke College Art Museum offers extraordinary resources for enhancing courses from virtually any program of study.
Students participating in a First-Year Seminar

Teaching a First-Year Seminar

The FYS Program welcomes students to Mount Holyoke, inviting them to join in the pleasure of an intellectually adventurous education in the liberal arts.
Students using clickers

Teaching with Technology

Strategies for blended learning, using clickers, video conferencing and more.