Flexible Immersive Teaching

Mark Shea illustration by Marina Li
FIT will help ensure that no student is left out of our program

We know students come to Mount Holyoke for the extraordinary learning that happens when we are deeply engaged with one another. We also remain committed to inclusive excellence, meaning that we will ensure that no student is left out of our program. Given the conditions we will find ourselves in the Fall, we must now think creatively about how to deliver our curriculum so we can meet students where they are. With FIT-flexible immersive teaching- we can offer students a robust program of intellectually engaged work, collaboration with one another, and access to a faculty deeply invested in their success — wherever they may be across the globe.

Mount Holyoke’s FIT model at a glance

  • Delivered in Moodle to maximize student and faculty accessibility
  • Synchronous emphasis to ensure immersive experience and inclusive excellence
  • Modular semester: Two 7.5-week modules to allow students and faculty to focus more deeply on each course  
  • Classes take place between 8:00 AM and 10:30 PM to accommodate students abroad
This is a graphic depicting a teacher holding a bubbling flask leaning out of an iPad to address students at desks as in a traditional classroom.

Our Moodle course guides faculty through a comprehensive course re-design aligned with the MHC FIT (flexible immersive teaching) model. If you are a faculty outside of the Five Colleges, please email TLI for guest access information.