Template Forms and Language

Template forms and language are provided for risk management purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Forms listed below are for the convenience and utility of Mount Holyoke College staff or faculty who may need to construct an agreement or review a third party’s agreement.

Using template forms: Select the type of agreement that most closely matches the subject of your agreement (e.g., consultant, speaker, gift of property). Download the word.doc file and save it to your computer, renaming it appropriately. Fill-in the blanks and adjust the agreement to meet the terms and conditions of your specific agreement. If you have questions, contact Risk Management for assistance. Templates have the minimum clauses needed for a clear agreement, but many agreements may need additional clauses to complete the agreement.

Using template language: ABC Contract Clauses is primarily for verifying language in third party agreements. It provides an alphabetical listing of common clauses that should be in most agreements. Match the clause that you have a question about with the corresponding template and compare them. If the language provided by the third party seems particularly burdensome to the College, you can propose the template language as you negotiate the agreement. Call Risk Management if you have a question.

Template Forms