Purchasing Policy

  • The College policy and guidelines for placing orders is as follows:The College requires the issue of a purchase order for all transactions $10,000 and above. Please refer to the College policy in Risk Management for specific details.
  • Purchases of $3,500 and above, for all federal agency grants, require 3 quotations and must be purchased contracts which meet public bidding guidelines.  All buyers must coordinate any such purchases through the Purchasing Department.
  • All buyers must familiarize themselves with the policies, standards, guidelines and procedures on Contracts and Contracting for goods and services intended to have a binding obligation and/or legal effect.
  • Purchase Requisition Form are to be completed in the Workday requisition application.
  • Important: Purchase requisitions should not be faxed to suppliers since they are not a legal document.
  • Purchasing Policies Checklist for Federal Agency procurement policies
  • Insurance Requirements

For additional information or assistance contact:

Purchasing Fax 413-538-2227