Software / Hardware / Tablet Purchasing Policy

Software Purchases:  All software purchases shall be made through LITS. Software Request Form

Hardware / Tablet Purchases:  All hardware purchases (including tablets) shall be made through LITS. Hardware/Tablet Request Form

  1. Because Apple iPads and other tablets are a new class of tablet computer that offers various emerging applications and uses. Because they differ in significant ways from previous personal computing technologies, Mount Holyoke’s support for iPads/Tablets likewise differs from its support for standard laptop and desktop computers. As with support for all computing technology on campus, this support will evolve over time as the iPad/Tablet and its common usage evolves.
  2. existing iPad models cannot run standard desktop computing software supported by Mount Holyoke (for example, Microsoft Office, including Powerpoint), they are not currently recommended as replacements for PC or Mac laptop or desktop computers for faculty or staff. LITS iPad/Tablet application software support follows the College's software standards.
  3. iPads/Tablets are not currently part of the LITS supported hardware standards, which means that support staff are not able to fix or diagnose hardware problems with iPads.
  4. Any use of iPads/Tablets must comply with MHC Campus Policies and Procedures.
  5. The ability to project iPad/Tablet displays using campus projectors is dependent on the application used and available adapters and cannot be assured in all cases. It is highly recommended that any intended use of iPads/Tablets with projectors be tested in advance with the appropriate hardware.
  6. Depending on the model, iPads/Tablets can access the Internet in one of two ways. One way is through standard Wi-Fi service only (the iPad/Tablet Wi-Fi model), and the other is by using a combination of Wi-Fi and the same high speed mobile networks used by smartphones (the iPad/Tablet Wi-fi + 3G model). As is the case with smartphones, the latter iPad/Tablet 3G model typically comes bundled with a monthly contract for mobile data services.
  7. Currently, the College will reimburse the cost of an iPad/Tablet ONLY for faculty using either the individual faculty member's restricted funds or as a direct cost on externally funded grants. In general, the College will not reimburse data service charges. An exception to this policy will be made for externally funded grants for which the use of an iPad/Tablet or similar device is necessary. In that case, data service charges may be counted as a direct charge against the grant for the term of the grant only.  The use of departmental funds for the purchase of an iPad/Tablet is not permitted without the prior approval of Financial Services.
  8. Any iPad/Tablet purchased by faculty using either their individual restricted funds or as a direct cost on externally funded grants must be asset tagged by LITS and referenced as the property of Mount Holyoke College. Please contact the Help Desk (extension 2600) to arrange for asset tagging.
  9. RIS liaisons are available to consult with you about teaching learning, or office needs and goals so that they can be matched with an appropriate computing device. Consultations involving the use of iPads/Tablets do not constitute more general hardware or software support for these devices other than what is outlined above.
  10. Any exception to the above policy must be reviewed and approved in advance by LITS.