Export Control

Mount Holyoke recognizes the importance of complying with all U.S. export control regulations and is committed to full compliance with these regulations. In practice, these rules (which have been in existence for over 50 years) have a direct impact on what research instruments, materials, software and technology, that we, as a U.S. College, can export (i.e. transfer) out of the country by any means; and in rare cases, what sensitive items and technology we can share with foreign national individuals (visa holders) working in and/or visiting our research facilities. These regulations also potentially inform what research, academic, and business partners we engage with, to the extent we avoid partnership with U.S. government restricted entities (entities of concern from an export control or economic embargoed country perspective). As such, the College has developed extensive policies, procedures and informational resources around Export Controls. 

Training Videos

For questions or concerns regarding Export Control, please contact the Mount Holyoke Export Control Task Force by email at: mhc-export-control-task-force-g@mtholyoke.edu

Task Force Members

  • Elizabeth Antonellis, grant accountant
  • Fred Baumgarten, director of foundation relations and sponsored research
  • Gary Gillis, associate dean of faculty and director of the science center
  • Sue LeDuc, software and field support manager
  • Jenny Medina, immigration specialist
  • Stacey Wikar, purchasing director