Report2Web is Redwood Software’s web-based document management and report software.  It’s used on campus to distribute financial reports (e.g., expense, grant-related, purchasing card, salary) electronically via a secure web browser.   You’ll only see those reports in which you’ve been given authority to view.

All content, including content that is commonly referred to as a document, spreadsheet, file, etc. is referred to as a report in Report2Web.  Reports can be:

  • Viewed via the browser
  • Saved locally to your computer 
  • Printed via Adobe Reader

Be mindful that some reports may contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  (See the College’s policy on this topic) especially the "Working with Confidential Information for Employees, including Student Employees" document.

Refer to the Contacts page if you have questions regarding reports within Report2Web.

Updated:  6/13/11