Outstanding Issues

We are aware of the following issues within Report2Web.  They have been reported to the software vendor, but there’s no guarantee they will be fixed and/or addressed:

  • If you’ve logged in to Report2Web and are on the main Report2Web page, then use the Back button on your browser, you’ll be logged out
  • In the upper right of any page is a set of search fields (look for magnifying glass icon). Choosing Free text from the dropdown field and entering text in the adjacent text field does NOT return a result.
  • Resolved 6-23-11.  Misalignment of characters when printing reports from Report2Web.  The workarounds include:
    *to open up the report that you would like to print and click on the pdf icon that is found in the upper right, above the Page information.  From the Adobe reader you should then be able to print with proper formatting.
  • Resolved 8-11-11. Negative numbers are currently exporting to Excel in a text format instead of as a number. 
  • Currently changing your password will cause a lag for Report2Web to recognize the change.  We are experiencing up to 24 hours of lag time.  So plan out your password change for a time that you will not need Report2Web access.  This lag time is being investigated to see if improvements can be made.
  • Clicking in the Font increase or Font decrease button when viewing a report only sticks for the page. On a multi-page report the font size reverts to the default.
  • When using IE 8 and Adobe 9.4.x on a PC you can’t print via Report2Web, but have to save the file first.  The workarounds include: 
    *Do as suggested above 
    *Upgrade to Adobe to version 10 
    *Use Firefox instead

Note:  Some features are accessed only via a right-click. On a Mac this is accomplished by holding down the Control key when clicking. We’ll do our best to keep this list up-to-date as new things are added or fixes are made.

If you’ve encountered an issue not identified above, please send email to report2web-support-l describing the issue and how to reproduce it.

Updated:  1/23/18