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Verizon wireless offers Mount Holyoke College employees a 15% discount on the data portion associated with the new "Share Everything Plan". Click here to sign up. Call our Verizon Wireless business specialist Carolyn Jussaume (617) 669-3900 |

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The 15% percent previous T-Moble discount will remain active on accounts belonging to existing customers who are currently taking advantage of the discount, the discount just cannot be offered to employees moving forward as the Amplified Program has replaced that discount program. Mount Holyoke employees are able to take advantage of T-Mobiles discount match program as well, where T-Mobile will match their current carriers discount, and we also have the Military discount for employees who are active duty/retired, and the 55 plus discount for employees/retirees who are 55 and over.

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Discount code: MHEC