On-campus catering

The Willits-Hallowell Conference Center provides catering options to locations throughout campus.

Off-campus caterers

If you are considering hiring an off-campus caterer for a venue other than Blanchard Dining Commons or Willits-Hallowell Center (for food only, not alcohol) you MUST have the caterer pre-approved by the Director of the Willits-Hallowell Center/Events Services, Mike McKenna, x2038, a minimum of two weeks in advance.

All outside caterers must carry sufficient insurance as required by the College. Do not make arrangements with a caterer until they have been pre-approved since not all caterers are eligible to serve on the Mount Holyoke College Campus and the Caterer must have the appropriate permit issued by the Town of South Hadley making them eligible to serve food.

This policy does not apply when a Caterer is strictly making a delivery to a campus location.