Referrals: What, When, Why and How

What: Referral is a term used to describe the process of a medical or mental health provider referring you to a different provider, usually for specialized services. One part of the process relates to information required by the insurance plan. The second part is the clinical information shared with the specialist by the person initiating the request for consultation or care.
When: Referrals are made when the student requires specialized medical services or mental health services beyond the length of brief therapy model.
Requirements for referral are set by insurance plans. Please check with your member services regarding the rules for you plan if covered by a plan other than the student illness and injury plan.
Why: Rules for referrals are in place to encourage patient care by the primary care provider to the full extent possible. This encourages better coordinated care and lower cost.
How: Contact either Health Services or Counseling Service to schedule an appointment to discuss concerns that may require a referral.  Clinicians will be able to provide information and identify area specialists or providers who are in network with the student injury and sickness plan.  This will reduce out of pocket expenses.