Trans Care

The Mount Holyoke College Health Center is committed to affirming quality health care for students of all gender identities

Trans Care Services

Here is what we provide. 

Pronouns Matter; Tell Us Yours

We know that hearing the correct name and pronouns matter to our patients.

We are not able to change your gender marker in our system but we can update our records to include the name and pronouns you use. You can also make these updates on your profile in MyHealthConnection.

Staff members may also ask you to confirm your name and pronouns to make sure your record is up to date. We understand your name and pronouns may change between visits so please help us to respect your choices and keep your record updated.

Updating ID's and Legal Documents

On Campus Resources

  1. Student orgs: Familia, Femmepowered
  2. Student housing: Mary Wooley LGBTQIA+ floor
  3. Cultural House: Jeannette Marks House
  4. MoZone Gender trainings for the entire campus community
  5. Title IX coordinator for gender based discrimination
  6. Lyon's Pride for queer alums, students, faculty and staff of Mount Holyoke College and their partners
  7. Lyon's Legacy Loan Fund provides financial assistance in the form of loans to students, including incoming students, who have lost support from their families

    Contact Student Financial Services at 413-538-2291 or

  8. Counseling Services:
    • Brief, supportive, affirming therapy
    • Advocacy in accessing resources both on and off campus
    • Referral to specialized community providers, as needed
    • Outreach to and collaboration with students populations and organizations
  9. Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students in the Classroom: Teaching & Learning Initiative

Off Campus Resources

 Physical Locations

  1. Stonewall center local trans providers list
  2. Community Action Youth Programs Generation Q
  3. Northampton, Springfield Pride in May
  4. Trans Day Of Remembrance
  5. Cooley Dickison Hospital LGBT Program
  6. Mass Trans Political Coalition
  7. Find caregivers in the US and outside
  8. Fenway Health - Trans Health Clinic in Boston


  1. Trans Lifeline
  2. Trans 101: Gender Diversity Crash Course
  3. Trans Resources in the Southern U.S.