Trans Care FAQ

Pronoun buttons - My pronouns are they/them/theirs; he/they; she/her/hers. What are yours?

Do you serve trans students of all genders?

Yes Health Services provides services to all active MHC students, including cisgender, transgender and gender non-conforming students.

Who has access to my records?

All medical records at the Health Center are confidential. A signed release form indicating the specific person, date , subject or focus and purpose of the release is required before health information of any kind can be shared. This includes parents, friends, partners, deans and faculty. Health Center and Counseling Services do share information to coordinate care and provide support to students.

Does the student health plan cover transition?

Yes there is coverage for specialist visits to initiate and manage hormone therapy, mental health services, hormone prescriptions and surgical procedures.

Steps for seeking hormone therapy (MHC insurance)?

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with one of the clinicians to discuss hormone therapy, review the requirements of, services available at Health Services and area network providers. Trans Care Services has more details.

Steps for Gender Affirming surgery?

The student are encouraged to make an appointment with one of the Health Center clinicians to review the clinical guidelines and requirement for the specific surgery. Top surgery requires only one letter of support from a mental health therapist. Genital surgery requires letters from two mental health therapists. There are also some surgeries which are not covered under the current student health insurance plan.

A clinician can help to coordinate and submit lab work or other physical assessment that surgeons may require to confirm a student’s overall health and to review the network status of the requested surgeon.

What if I am not on the student health insurance?

The same process would be followed as described above. However students will need to work directly with their insurer to determine the specific coverage and clinical guidelines. Health Center staff will serve as a resource regarding how to obtain this information. Each plan is different and should be thoroughly reviewed.

Who can write therapeutic letters?

Health Services clinicians can write letters of support based on the level of involvement with the student and review of records from other providers who have been working with the student.

Experience working with LGBTQA+ students?

The Medical Director is experienced with initiating and managing gender affirming hormone therapy, writing letters to change gender markers and letters of support for hormone and surgical care. The Director of College Health Services provides consultations and referrals for hormone and surgical care. Both Directors provide collaborative care and case management.

Does insurance cover off campus providers?

Yes there are endocrinologist, primary care providers, mental health provider and surgeons who specialize in Trans care within the network of the student health insurance plan.