What are your hours?

Health Services is currently closed and has ended all clinical operations for the summer. Administrative staff will be available for limited hours. Please email health-admin@mtholyoke.edu with questions regarding forms, records, or insurance.

Who can use the health center?

All current MHC students. Services are not available to students who are on leave from the college or who have graduated.

What if I don't have the college insurance?

Services are available to all current MHC students. There is no charge to see the nursing or clinician staff. There are charges for lab work, nutritional counseling, allergy injections and physical therapy services. If you do not have the student health insurance plan or the supplemental pre-paid health center option, these charges will be placed on your student bill. The entry will state Health Center charge and a dollar amount. Cost of medications are handled through your insurance plan. We do not bill any insurance plans. Please discuss details with the health center staff.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment or schedule a time to speak with the nurse: call 413-538-2121 to schedule with a clinician or with our nursing staff. Some appointment types can be made online using MyHealthConnection. You can also send a secure message to the triage nurse through MyHealthConnection. They will call you back to provide advice or an appropriate appointment.

What if the health center is closed?

We have a 24/7 on-call clinician during the academic year. 

For urgent consultation, call 413-538-2242 and press zero. You will be connected to our answering service, share your concern and they will contact our on-call clinician. The process will take 10-15 minutes.

What if I need the Emergency Room?

If you are having any life threatening emergency such as difficulty breathing, chest or cardiac pain, an allergic reaction etc you should call campus police (413-538- 2304). They will dispatch an officer and ambulance to your location and you will be transported by ambulance to the nearest Emergency Room.
If you are ill, injured or in pain that is not life threatening, contact the Health Center (413-538- 2242). During Operating Hours you will speak with our triage nurse. If it is After Hours call (413-538- 2242) press zero and ask to have the on-call clinician contact you. Based on the severity of the situation they will discuss the option of contacting campus police for support, contacting the ambulance, transportation to ER by cab or strategies to allow you to wait to be seen when the Health Center re-opens.
If the Health Center is closed and you wish to seek medical attention for a non- life-threatening illness or injury, there are several urgent care facilities within a few miles of campus (in order of distance from Mount Holyoke):

MedExpress Urgent Care (2.7 miles)

Labs drawn on site, read off-site. X-ray available.

AEIOU Outpatient and Urgent Care (10.1 miles)

Lab and x-ray available

Baystate Urgent Care (10.6 miles)

Lab and x-ray available

On-Call Urgent Care (11.5 miles)

Lab and x-ray available

Cooley Dickinson Hospital Urgent Care (11.7 miles)

Lab and x-ray available

How much would ER services cost me?

Cost of the Emergency Room will be based on your insurance plan. Please review the details of cost and notification requirements of your insurance plan. If you have insurance sponsored by the college there will be a minimum of $250 for the ER co-pay and for all in-network hospitals there will be no additional fees. See "What bills will I receive?" for more details.

What bills will I receive?

Hospital: most insurance companies pay the hospital cost minus the ER co-pay. For the student health insurance plan that is $250 for each visit. All of the area hospitals are in network providers.
Physician Bills: Physician groups who provide the care in the ER, interpret the imaging studies or any specialist that is consulted will bill separately from the hospital. If the providers are in network, their charges should be fully covered by the insurance. If these providers are out of network, they may bill you for the difference between their charge and the payment by the insurance. The ER physicians at Cooley Dickinson, Holyoke Medical Center and Baystate Medical Center are in network for the Student Health Insurance Plan.
Ambulance: The insurance company will reimburse the ambulance but the ambulance may bill you for the difference between their charge and the payment they receive. This is usually less than $200.

What do I need to do once I get the bills?

It is important that you provide complete address (including campus post office box #) and insurance information to the hospital and the physician billing group from which you received care. Without this information they will not be able to send the charges to your insurance company and will hold you responsible for the full cost.
Ask for the medical billing department
Holyoke Medical Center: 413-534-2500
Paper City Physicians: 1-800- 355-2470 Option #4 (these are the physicians at Holyoke Medical Center ER)
Cooley Dickinson Hospital: 413-582-2000
Baystate Medical Center: 413-794-0000
Respond quickly to all email or postal mail correspondence from the insurance company or medical billing companies. There may be forms that need to be completed and returned to the insurance company before they will process the claims and payments.
Call the Health Center 413-538-2089 for assistance if you have bills or letters that you do not understand. We will review the documents with you and provide any assistance in contacting the providers or insurance.
DO NOT IGNORE THE BILLS. After a period of no response or non-payment these bills may be sent to collection agencies. This will make it more difficult to sort out the details or for us to be able to assist you.

What are my rights and responsibilities?


What information is needed to get an Rx filled?

Prescriptions are filled by Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy.

 First, you will need to set up an account with Walgreens. You can do this through an online account or by downloading their mobile app and signing up for the Pharmacy Services. 

  1. Make Community, A Walgreens pharmacy (619 Chestnut St Springfield, MA) your preferred store.
  2.  Add in your insurance information (Name, ID #, Group #, RX Bin #)   
      *The prescription can NOT be processed until your insurance is received
  3. Add a credit/debit card information to pay for any copayments due.  This can be done online, by phone or through Community's mobile app.  (Health Services does not accept OneCard payments)

How can I pick up and pay for my prescription?

Health Services has a close working relationship with Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy to deliver prescriptions regularly to the Health Center. You may pick-up your prescription during the Health Center's regular hours of operation. The cost of the medication is determined by your health insurance plan. Please consult your plan for details on co-payments and coverage.

For delivery notifications please sign up through the Walgreens mobile app.

Payment method: Prescription copayments or other costs must be paid through a charge to a credit or debit card prior to delivery.   Please enter your credit/debit card information into your online account or through the mobile app  when a prescription is ordered. If any questions or problems or to pay by phone please call Community at (413) 271-9990.

Health center staff do not accept or maintain credit card information. For more details, see our pharmacy services.

How do I get prescriptions transferred or filled?

You can refill or transfer an existing prescription from your home pharmacy to Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy through any of the ways listed below:

  1. Request prescription refills or transfers through the Walgreens mobile app or through your account on www.walgreens.com
  2. Have your provider from home call or fax the prescription to:

Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy
619 Chestnut St, Springfield MA
Phone: 413-271-9990; Fax: 413-271-9992

  1. Bring a paper copy to Health Services and we will fax it to the pharmacy for you.

Sexual Health

Can I get contraception at the Health Center?


Contraception: Our clinicians counsel and provide prescriptions for oral contraceptives, Nuvaring and patch. We provide counseling and refer to area providers for IUD placement, Nexplanon, and tubal litigation. The cost of oral contraceptives is covered by the student’s specific insurance plans. We will work closely with the student to find the oral contraceptive that works for them and if possible has low or zero co-pay per month. The cost of IUD, Nuvaring, and Nexplanon also varies by insurance plan. Under the student health insurance plan these are covered with zero co-pay. The visit to an in network specialist is covered without a co-pay.

What about pregnancy tests?

This testing can be done by our lab staff after consultation by our clinician staff. The charge is $20 and is covered by the student health insurance plan and the supplemental or prepaid health center option. 

For students who have waived these options the lab charges will be placed on the student bill. Arrangements can be made to pay the health center directly for these lab charges.

Can I get tested for STDs or STIs?

Yes. Routine screening includes chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV. This testing usually does not involve a “pelvic exam”. Testing for Herpes, Hepatitis C are done based on individual symptoms and risks. 

All tests/studies done at the health center are covered by the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan or Prepaid Health Center Option. If these have been waived, the student is responsible for the cost and these will be placed on the Student Bill monthly. 

Can I get a GYN exam?

Yes. The type of testing and exam will vary but usually involves STI screening for all students who have been/are currently sexually active. Pap smear screening is recommended for those over 21 years of age. There is no charge to visit the health center. All lab work is covered by the student health insurance plan and the supplemental or prepaid health center option. For students who have waived these options, the charges will be placed on the student bill. Arrangement can be made to pay the health center directly for these lab charges.

What if I've been sexually assaulted?

The staff of the Health Center provides a range of services related to sexual assault. All services are confidential. If there are charges related to lab testing or medications, arrangements will be made to avoid any charges to the student bill. For more information, see our Sexual Assault Services, contact the Title IX office, or Public Safety and Service at (413) 538-2304.

Other Services and Questions

Can I receive general care at the health center?

Yes, health center nursing and clinician staff provide services for a full range of primary care services, both urgent, routine, follow up and preventive. We refer to specialist for evaluation and treatment for situations and conditions that are outside the primary care scope of practice, i.e., ADD and ADHD evaluation and management, orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, x-ray etc.

How do I get a lab test done?

Some tests are performed on site, i.e., throat and urine cultures, STI testing, pregnancy tests, etc. Blood tests and cultures are sent to a reference lab with results in 24 hours. All labs require clinician order. If you have lab work that is ordered by a provider from home, make an appointment with a Health Center clinician to discuss the specifics of these tests. All lab work drawn and performed at the Health Center must be ordered by a Health Center clinician. Lab results will be faxed to other providers if a signed release of information is in place. Notification of lab results will be sent by the ordering provider via secure message in MyHealthConnection.

What about nutrition and physical therapy?

These services are provided at the Health Center. An appointment with one of the Health Center clinicians is required to obtain a referral for these services. The charges for each visit varies with length of the visit and type of services provided. These charges are covered by the student health insurance plan and the supplemental or prepaid health center option. Students who have waived these plan may be referred and can use these services. The charges will appear on the student bill.

Find out more about nutritional services and physical therapy

Can I get a flu shot at the health center?

Yes, the health center staff administers flu shots. The cost of the flu shot is covered by the student health insurance plan. Students not covered by this plan will be billed $20, to the student bill. Log on to MyHealthConnection to print out a copy of your bill to present to their insurance for reimbursement.

Can I bring a friend to an appointment?

You are welcome to bring a family member or a friend to an appointment with you. There may be times when we ask that this family or friend step out during a portion of the visit. We will always confirm that you are comfortable with the presence of this individual during all aspects of the visit. 

How will I be charged for services?

All tests/studies done at the health center are covered by the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan or Prepaid Health Center Option. If these have been waived, the student is responsible for the cost and these will be placed on the Student Bill monthly. If you anticipate requiring frequent or repeated lab work.  Carefully, consider the Pre-paid Health Center Insurance Option. In this case, charges for lab testing, infirmary, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, medication/allergy injections and medical supplies billed to the student. Explanation of charges are mailed to the student's MHC address. Charges are not submitted to outside insurance carriers. Co-pays are not charged or collected.


What if I'm going abroad?

We strongly encourage all students who are travelling abroad to schedule a travel visit with our clinician staff. Please see Traveler's Health Info for more details. You will be asked to complete a travel visit questionnaire prior to the visit so that we can provide you with specific recommendations regarding vaccines, prescriptions and order any testing required by the country to which you are travelling. There is no cost for the appointment but vaccines and testing will be covered based on your insurance.

Can I get immunizations?

There are some immunizations required for some countries that we are not able to provide; specifically yellow fever and Japanese Encephalitis. We are able to administer or prescribe other immunizations and recommended medications.

Should I make an appointment, or just walk in?

All travel visits require an appointment with one of our clinicians. We are not able to do this service on a walk-in basis. Please call 413-538-2121 to schedule an appointment.