Billing for Health Center Charges

All visits with our nursing and clinician staff are at NO CHARGE (no pay and no deductible). No co-pay or deductibles are required or collected.

Mount Holyoke College health center does not participate in any insurance networks or plans. The health center does not process or submit claims to any insurance carriers. MHC does offer a Prepaid Health Center option as a complement to other health insurance plans. The prepaid option covers the charges for supplementary services at the health center.

Students who waive both the Student Illness and Injury plan and the Prepaid Health Center option will be responsible for charges incurred at the health center for the following services:

  • Laboratory Testing
  • Allergy Injections
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Physical Therapy-Evaluation & Treatment
  • Nursing care in the infirmary greater than 2 hours
  • Medical supplies

Charges for these services are placed monthly on the electronic student bill. An explanation of the charges can be printed from MyHealthConnection portal. 

Students covered by the Student Illness and Injury plan and/or the Prepaid Health Center option will not receive a bill or explanation of charges.