Volunteer Committees and Volunteer Position Descriptions

MHF Volunteer Committees

The Mount Holyoke Fund Committee

Term length: two years
Members work with staff in The Mount Holyoke Fund to support the volunteer program and help achieve annual fundraising goals. Alums from all decades serve on the committee.

Mount Holyoke Fund Committee Members:

Mount Holyoke Fund Committee Co-Chairs: 

Elizabeth Cook Babbin ’96 
Carly Bidner ’16 
Leslie Green ’94 
Melissa Vance ’84 

National Cornerstone Society Chair

Jennifer McCabe ’92

Mount Holyoke Fund Committee Members

Janice Albert ’82
Elizabeth Bauer ’59
Danetta Beaushaw ’88
Tarana Bhatia’15
Alanna Boyd ’98
Ukwori Ejibe ’09
Connie Farmer ’67
Yvonne Gibney ’80
Cara Murphy ’14
Kimberly Neil ’17
Muoyo Popo ’11
Nancy Rosoff ’78
Donna Rowe MHFP
Thanh Tran ’02

The Beyond the 50th Reunion Committee

Term length: two years
This committee works with staff in The Mount Holyoke Fund to support the volunteer program and help achieve fundraising goals, with a special lens toward classes that have already marked their 50th Reunion. 

Beyond the 50th Committee Members

Beyond the 50th Committee Co-Chairs:

Connie Griffin Farmer ’67
Susan C. Iverson ’68

Beyond the 50th Committee Members: 

Alice G. Andrus ’63
Elizabeth W. Bauer ’59
Jacqueline E. Berkowitz ’65
Laura N. Bernstein ’65
Lael Stevens Carter ’66
Eleanor T. Cicerchi ’66
Marcia L Coleman ’69
Mary Victor Giersch ’64
Sara Prozeller Hartman ’65
Andrea Lange ’71
Hannah H. MacLauren ’62
Joan M. Ripley ’55
JJ (Joyce) Spencer ’60
Margaret Hale Teaford ’67
Anne R. Wright ’67

MHF Volunteer Position Descriptions

Head Class Agent

Head Class Agents (HCA) are a vital part of class leadership, responsible for sharing the message about the importance of annual giving to MHC through The Mount Holyoke Fund. Working with a team of volunteer Class Agents, HCAs coordinate the class-based giving efforts that raise a cumulative total of over $8M per year for Mount Holyoke! Download the full Head Class Agent description.

Cornerstone Chair

Cornerstone Chairs (CSC) work closely with the Head Class Agents (HCAs) throughout the five-year reunion cycle to develop a strategic plan for raising Cornerstone gifts of $1,837 or more from classmates. Leadership gifts make up approximately 75% of The Mount Holyoke Fund. Download the full Cornerstone Chair description.

Class Agent

Stay connected to the Mount Holyoke community and make a meaningful — and immediate — impact on Mount Holyoke's mission. Download the full Class Agent description.

Laurel Chain Society Chair

Laurel Chain Society Chairs work closely with Head Class Agents to encourage consistent giving to The Mount Holyoke Fund. They recognize and steward consistent donors — and identify and connect with potential Laurel Chain Society members. Download the full Laurel Chain Society Chair description.

Social Media Ambassador

Social Media Ambassadors use social media (such as class groups on Facebook) to share content related to the College, their class and The Mount Holyoke Fund. This outreach is particularly important during key fundraising times, such as challenges and the end of the fiscal year. Download the full Social Media Ambassador description.

50th Reunion Leadership Gift Committee Member

Term length: two to four years
Each 50th Reunion cycle class recruits a 50th Reunion Leadership Gift Committee. It is tasked with peer-to-peer outreach and solicitation of classmates who have the potential to make a significant gift to The Mount Holyoke Fund.

Mary Lyon Society Class Chair

The Mary Lyon Society (MLS) Class Chair helps to promote the Mary Lyon Society by working with the gift planning staff to share information about the Mary Lyon Society with classmates, serve as a liaison between the class and the office of gift planning, write a thank you note to welcome new MLS members in the class and report the number of MLS members and the five year impact of the MLS on the class totals at Reunion. Download the full Mary Lyon Society Class Chair description.