The Laurel Chain Society

A Legacy of Loyalty

The members of the Laurel Chain Society are our champions — dedicated alums, family members and friends who carry the spirit of Mount Holyoke and support the College each and every year.

The generosity of LCS members plays a crucial role in advancing the mission of Mount Holyoke College. Since its founding in 2013, the Laurel Chain Society has honored members’ steadfast support — in any amount to any fund — to the College.


In appreciation for their commitment to supporting Mount Holyoke, Laurel Chain Society members receive exclusive correspondence from the College and special recognition at Reunion. Most importantly, as a member, you’ll know that your consistent support sustains the life of our beloved community.


  • Supporters who have given for three consecutive years, including a gift in the current fiscal year.
  • Recent alums in 2022–2020 (one to three years out) who make a gift in the current fiscal year.
  • Seniors who make a gift to the senior campaign.
  • Supporters who have made gifts for 50 year or more will be welcomed as Lifetime members of the Laurel Chain Society. Lifetime membership status is permanent and can never be lost.
Laurel Chain Society: Your impact, by the numbers
7056 total members | 1847 lifetime members | 734 new members joined the Laurel Chain Society last year | 1066 members have given every year since graduation | 2848 members have a lifetime giving record of 90% or higher
$38.2 million given by members of the Laurel Chain Society last year | $6 million given in support of scholarship aid and the Student Safety Net Fund | $267,608 from members provided funding for more than 75 internships
7.4 million given to The Mount Holyoke Fund: $174159 in support of academics, $113422 in support of DEI and sustainability | Members by decade: 1950s and earlier-1134; 1960s-1417; 1970s-1308; 1980s-1010; 1990s-778; 2000s-423; 2010s, 2020s, FPs & PaGE-603