Why I Give

"MHC has made a huge difference to my life; I hope it will do so for future generations of young women... With the help of the Career Development Center and a very supportive alum network, I took on a different internship every summer over the course of my college years, which was helpful for my career advancement after graduation..." —Sixuan Chen '06

"I feel tremendous love, loyalty and gratitude to my alma mater. I came to this country on a foreign fellowship from Mount Holyoke, and that set in motion my entire adult life, which has been happy and filled with intellectual stimulation and personal and professional success. Thank you MHC!" —Lakshmi Reddy Bloom '80

"Mount Holyoke taught me so much about myself and my capacity to achieve. I had amazing professors who believed in me, my intellect and ability. Every young woman deserves that experience. Giving to MHC is my way of helping to ensure that gift is available to others!" —Elizabeth Spong '83

“I graduated in May a few months ago. Mount Holyoke introduced me to research and gave me the training and experiences to get to graduate school. I am now on my way to become a researcher in my own right, and it could not have happened without my mentors at Mount Holyoke.” —Amani Talwar ’14

"The importance of educating women and of Mount Holyoke's stated mission—plus the concerted efforts of certain groups around the world to prevent the education of women—make it imperative that alum support the College to the greatest extent possible." —Gail Hunt Reeke '64

"I can feel the difference Mount Holyoke made in my life each and every day. I want other women to have the opportunity to learn about and live empowered lives and take control of their choices."—Rebecca Engell '11

"I support Mount Holyoke both for the wonderful education, support and validation it gave me, and for its continued support of, and belief in, all women." —Barbara Rosen '64

"Mount Holyoke shaped me, supported me and gave me opportunities when the world kept telling me to shrink my ambitions and accept a small life. Today, 30 years later, when I feel challenged, I continue to put on my imaginary 'Mount Holyoke hat' and tackle what is in front of me." —Anne Marie McGonnigal '85

"I graduated from MHC in three years, but those three years still inspire my life every day 50 years later. The magnificent campus, the inspiring teachers, the students, the ideals and ideas provided the foundation for my professional life and helped me chart the course of my private life." —Ellen Goodman '64

"I came into my own there and gained confidence. I am indebted to MHC." Divita Mehta '04