Cornerstone Society

The Cornerstone Society recognizes the exceptional commitment of graduates, families and friends who, through their annual gifts of $1,837 or more, provide a foundation of leadership support. The entry level for recent alums (one to 10 years out) begins at $100.

The combined support of Cornerstone Society members accounts for more than 80% of the dollars that sustain Mount Holyoke as a top liberal arts college. As part of this group, which represents just 10% of donors each year, you can play a critical role in advancing the mission of the College.

Levels and benefits


  • Opportunities to meet and network with other Cornerstone Society members at events.
  • Listing in donor honor rolls.
  • Mount Holyoke College calendar.



All of the benefits listed above plus:

  • Exclusive digital content showcasing faculty and student accomplishments.



All of the benefits listed above plus:

  • Opportunity to join an annual teleconference to learn about College priorities from senior staff and faculty.



All of the benefits listed above plus:

  • Faculty book.



All of the benefits listed above plus:

  • Tailored opportunities to engage with the president or members of the College’s senior leadership team.


Recent alum Cornerstone levels

The entry level for recent alums (one to 10 years out) begins at $100 in the first year after graduation and increases by $100 each year through the 10th Reunion. Benefits are the same as the Advocate level.

Class Year Years After Graduation Cornerstone Level Monthly Payments
(based on 12 months)
2021 1 $100 $8.33
2020 2 $200 $16.67
2019 3 $300 $25.00
2018 4 $400 $33.33
2017 5 $500 $41.67
2016 6 $600 $50.00
2015 7 $700 $58.33
2014 8 $800 $66.67
2013 9 $900 $75.00
2012 10 $1,000 $83.33
2011 or older 11+ $1,837 $153.08

Family Leadership Circle

The Family Leadership Circle is a community of parents, grandparents and other relatives who understand the power of a Mount Holyoke education to drive change, and who want to have a meaningful impact on the student experience. By making an annual gift of $1,837 or more to Mount Holyoke, you extend your commitment to the College’s enduring legacy as a member of the Cornerstone Society and join a dedicated group of families in the Family Leadership Circle whose investments empower the ongoing success of our current students and future graduates. 

Learn more about the Family Leadership Circle.