Military Service Leave

If you are a staff member who serves in any branch of the armed forces of the United States, you shall, upon completion of service and provided you have received an honorable discharge be reinstated in accordance with applicable laws governing re-employment rights of veterans.

If you are a staff member who participates in annual military training duty of one month or less as a member of the National Guard or Active Reserves of the armed forces of the United States, provided you have completed one calendar year of continuous service with the College at the time you report for such duty, you shall be granted a military pay differential for a period of up to ten working days in each year.

This military pay differential is the amount by which your normal salary or wages for the period of military leave, calculated on the basis of your normal work week, not to exceed 40 hours, and exceeds any pay received for military training duty. All pay and allowances, with the exception of subsistence and travel allowance, are included, in determining military training duty pay.

If you are a National Guard member or an Active Reservist you cannot, by law, be required to use earned vacation time for annual military training. Should you choose to do so; no differential pay will be paid. Upon returning to work from duty, you should forward a statement of military pay to the Human Resources Department.  You will continue to accrue vacation as though you were at work during any military training time.  You are required to give at least two weeks' notice to the College if you will need time off for military training duty.