Study Benefits for Spouses and Dependent Children

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Spouses or same sex domestic partners and dependent* children of employees who work at least 20 hours per week for the fiscal or academic year may take one course for credit at Mount Holyoke College on a space-available basis and with the permission of the instructor. Tuition will be waived.

Tuition waivers are not available for courses offered by the Mount Holyoke Professional and Graduate Education (PAGE) program.

Enrollment forms are available in the Human Resources Department. No more than 24 Mount Holyoke College credits earned prior to matriculation will be later applied to a degree.

*Dependent is defined in accordance with IRS regulations as: (1) a legal dependent of the faculty or staff member for at least two years prior to application; and (2) dependent child must still live at home with parent being responsible for 50% or more of their finances and (3) dependent child must be under age 24.

Revised 4/8/2014

For Dependents or Spouses to take a class, employees must complete the "Dependent or Spouse Enrollment" form.

  • Obtain authorization from class instructor (signature or email)
  • Provide a copy of marriage certificate (spouses), or birth certificate (dependents).
  • Submit form to a Benefits Specialist in the Human Resources Department.