Strategic Plan Overview and Process

In the 2023-24 academic year Mount Holyoke will complete a bold strategic plan that will chart an audacious path for the College. All constituents are warmly encouraged to get involved.

Strategic planning for the current cycle began in 2021, led by a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) of students, faculty, staff, alums and trustees who gathered ideas for the College’s future during listening sessions with the Mount Holyoke community. The College then commissioned market research to test these ideas. This research was completed in Fall 2022, and identified a number of potential strategic directions for the College, for example, enhancing career planning and experiential learning. Approximately 250 people from across the College community came together in Spring 2023 to think together about what paths forward hold the most promise for Mount Holyoke, how they align with our values and how they could be implemented most effectively.

In Fall 2023, President Holley invited the Academic Priorities Committee (APC) and the Faculty Planning Committee (FPC) to join the Strategic Planning Committee. The SPC meets monthly to plan and receive feedback on planning sessions for students, faculty, staff and alums that occur during the committee’s off-weeks. Notes from all meetings are shared on the internal strategic planning website. Asynchronous feedback can be shared by emailing

The Board of Trustees will consider an early draft of the plan at their February 2024 meeting, joined by the Strategic Planning Committee. They will vote on a final draft at their May 2024 meeting.