College Planning Committee/Strategic Planning Committee

The Planning Committee, chaired by the President, oversees the current strategic planning process. The committee’s name and responsibilities change depending on whether the committee is in the process of developing a strategic plan (the Strategic Planning Committee), or monitoring the plan’s implementation (the College Planning Committee).

The College Planning Committee’s membership includes students, staff, faculty (as outlined in faculty legislation), and administrators. The committee expands to include trustees and alums as the Strategic Planning Committee.

The College is currently developing a new strategic plan after the successful conclusion of The Plan for Mount Holyoke 2023.

Strategic Planning Committee 2023–2024

President, Danielle R. Holley (Chair)

Provost and Dean of Faculty, Lisa Sullivan

Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer, Carl Ries

Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students, Marcella Runell

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Robin Randall

Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, Kijua Sanders-McMurtry

Vice President for College Relations, Kassandra Jolley

Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Bett Schumacher

Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of Library, Information and Technology Services, Alex Wirth-Cauchon

Associate Vice President for Communications, Jen Brock

Associate Vice President for Institutional Research and Evaluation, Polly Prewitt-Freilino

Associate Provost and Associate Dean of Faculty, Elizabeth Markovits

Associate Provost and Associate Dean of Faculty, Suparna Roychoudhury

Executive Director of the Alumnae Association, Trisha Tanner ‘00

Executive Director of Professional and Graduate Education, Tiffany Espinosa

Chief of Staff to the Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, Lauren Gaia

Faculty Committee Representatives:

Academic Priorities: Sarah Adelman, Catherine Corson, Nina Emery, Johannes Norling, Julia Keane ‘26, Elizabeth Pyle, Maille Romulus ‘24, Morena Svaldi, Noah Tuleja

Academic Strategic Planning APC Subcommittee: Ali Aslam, Amy Martin, Kathryn McMenimen

Faculty Conference, James Harold

Faculty Planning, Corey Flanders, Martha Hoopes, Johannes Norling, John Tawa, Laurie Tupper (fall semester), Matthew Watson (spring semester)

OPC Representative, Alicia Erwin

Staff Council Representative, Jae Proctor

Student Representatives:

  • SGA Executive Board, President, Maille Romulus ‘24
  • SGA, Julia Keane ‘25

Trustee Representative: Sally Durdan ‘81, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

Staff to the Committee, Colleen O’Connor-Rickey