Self Care Kit

Suggested items for all students to have on hand to respond to common illnesses. Managing common illness and navigating the health care system is one of the challenges a student may face for the first time once they arrive at college. We will do our best to support and educate but these items will help.  If your symptoms are severe or persist beyond 1-2 days, contact nursing triage line for advice 413-538-2242.

  • Digital thermometer
  • Small amount of common over the counter medications:
    1. Acetaminophen 325mg or Ibuprofen 200mg for management of mild pain or fever
    2. Antibiotic cream or gel; i.e., Bacitracin or Neosporin
    3. Anti-diarrheal medication; i.e., Pepto Bismol or Loperamide
    4. Antacid tablets; i.e., Tums
    5. Cough syrup with Guiafenesin
    6. Nasal decongestant/antihistamine; i.e., Phenylephrine
    7. Topical anti-itch cream/lotion; i.e., Benadryl or Calamine
    8. Sunscreen
    9. Insect Repellent with DEET
    10. EpiPen for food and insect allergies
  • Extra inhaler if asthmatic
  • Reusable ice pack
  • Reusable “hot pack” or heating pad
  • Band-Aids
  • Humidifier/Cool mist

Copy of health insurance card and basic understanding of referral process, co-pay costs and prescription drug benefit required by health insurance carrier.

Copy of prescription for corrective lenses. Glasses if the student most frequently wears contact lenses.

Copy of prescription or medication in container with complete prescription information for regularly used medications.