Official Travel and Entertainment

The College's policy of reimbursement follows the basic principle that individuals should neither gain nor lose personal funds as a result of official travel and entertainment. Each individual should be reimbursed for all necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the performance of approved College business.

Expenditures should be planned so that costs will not exceed budgetary limitations. Individuals must not make commitments to travel or to incur other expenses without first assuring that the proposed expenses are authorized.

Individuals who are authorized to approve requests for reimbursement must review all expense forms to assure compliance and therefore should also familiarize themselves with these guidelines.

• Questions about procedures for reimbursement should be directed to the Financial Services Office/Accounts Payable, x2901.
• Questions about the College's American Express Corporate Card and/or the JP Morgan Chase, Inc. VISA Credit Card program should be directed to Financial Services, x2354.

Use of Local Travel Agencies

Employees traveling on business are encouraged to use the services of approved College Travel Agencies. Information about these agencies, other procedures and reporting requirements can be obtained from the Accounts Payable x2901.