Soliciting and Contributions Solicitations

The College believes that a staff member's desire or obligation to support a political, social or charitable cause or fund raising appeal should not be unduly influenced by the work relationship. Consequently, the College does not permit solicitation of staff members during work time.

Mount Holyoke College Community Campaign

The only exception to this policy is the annual Mount Holyoke College Community Campaign, organized by an employee campus committee in coordination with representatives from the United Way of Pioneer Valley. The College supports and encourages its employees to contribute to the annual campaign; however, all contributions are on a purely voluntary basis. Funds contributed through the Community Campaign are distributed accordingly to the designated health and welfare services in the greater Holyoke area, including United Way and Combined Health Appeal agencies and any other non-profit health or welfare agency designated by individual employees in their pledges.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Human Resources Department.