Security Precautions

Because the public has access to most college buildings, our offices, studios, laboratories and other work spaces are occasionally subject to incidents of theft, vandalism, etc.  For the protection of students and staff members and college property, the Public Safety and Service Department urges the following precautions: 

  • Lock rooms that do not have to remain open.
  • Lock offices that are unattended - even for a brief period (past incidents have shown that a theft can occur in only a few minutes).
  • Keep purses, wallets, and other valuable personal possessions in locked desks or file cabinets.
  • When practical, store equipment and supplies out of sight in cabinets that can be locked.
  • Report lost or stolen property immediately to the Public Safety and Service Department.
  • If a stranger is observed wandering around a hallway or office or otherwise acting in a suspicious manner, approach the individual and offer assistance.  If his/her response is unsatisfactory and it appears that the stranger has no business in the building, observe the stranger's height, weight, color of hair, clothing and direction of travel, and immediately report the incident to the Public Safety and Service Department.  If the individual leaves the area by car, report a description of the car, and if possible, the license plate number. 
  • If an individual is being harassed or molested by another, call the Public Safety and Service Department immediately.

Questions regarding security precautions should be directed to the Public Safety and Service Department at x2304.  For further information on campus safety, see Public Safety and Service online.