The Massachusetts Privacy Law:

How it Pertains to Information Requested About You

You should be aware that Massachusetts has adopted one of the strictest privacy laws in the nation, designed to protect citizens from unwanted inquiries. In order to comply with these laws and to protect you, the Human Resources Department acts in the following manner.

If an outside agency, creditor, attorney, or other organization or person requests information about you, the Human Resources Department will release no information without your consent unless the College is required by law to disclose the information. When you know ahead of time that an outside agency or organization will be requesting information, you should contact the Human Resources Department to provide advance approval to release the information. If you have already provided the organization with a signed release form which will accompany the agency's request for information, then an advance call to the Human Resources Department is not necessary.

The Human Resources Department will make every effort to follow through immediately when a request for information is received about you. It is your responsibility to make sure that correct telephone numbers, addresses, etc., are on file; or, if you are away, that your supervisor or department head has your forwarding address or temporary telephone number so that appropriate action can be taken.