Energy Conservation

The high cost of the energy required to provide utilities for our campus continues to be a serious financial concern of the College. Although ongoing efforts are being made by the Facilities Management Department, the efficient use of energy on campus depends to a great extent upon the faculty and staff members who work in our facilities. Inefficiently utilized energy purchased at today's high prices diverts funds that could be used in other ways and this will eventually affect every department. Thus, it is essential that each faculty and staff member avoid the careless use of energy.

College policy limits building temperatures during the heating season. The cooperation of all employees in attempting to work within the prescribed limits is essential to the success of our Energy Conservation Program. Conditions which exceed or are below normal limits should be reported to the heating plant department at x2012.

Individuals can exercise a certain amount of control over their use of energy in areas such as lighting, windows, etc. In addition, by reporting problems with heating, ventilation, and other systems which they cannot control, they can provide the heating plant department with valuable information which may result in significant energy savings.