Accident Reporting

If you need immediate medical assistance, call Public Safety and Service at 413-538-2304. If there is an ongoing hazard that needs to be corrected, please contact Facilities Management at 413-538-2012, or Public Safety and Service after hours.

Employees must report all accidents to their Supervisor. Students must report all accidents occurring in academic programs to their instructor or the Department Coordinator. Accidents involving student-athletes injured while participating in a varsity sport team activity must be reported to the Athletic Trainer. If an accident occurs in a facility, e.g., the Kendall Sports Complex or Blanchard Campus Center, please report it to a facility manager.

An accident report form must be completed for all accidents occurring on campus or at college sponsored events.  In the injured person is an employee, workers compensation information and reporting forms are available through Human Resources.

For non-employee accidents, including students and campus visitors, please complete the First Report of an Accident form.