Science Center Stockroom

Science Center Stockroom

Willie Perreault, Ph.D.
Science Center Equipment and Operations Manager 

Location: Carr G27-North
Phone: 413-538-3209
Receiving hours: 9 am–1 pm, Monday–Friday

Science Department Chemical Deliveries

Chemical deliveries for the Science Departments, including those located in Clapp, Reese and Shattuck are received by the Carr Lab Science Center Stockroom. Chemicals are entered into the inventory management system prior to being available for pickup by the faculty/staff that ordered them. Science Faculty/Staff can request OneCard access to Carr G27-North for their students that are authorized to pick up packages on their behalf by completing the OneCard Access Request Form.

Please be sure to include your name and department on all chemical orders.

Live Animal and Motor Freight Deliveries

You must notify the Science Center Stockroom in advance of all live animal deliveries and/ or motor freight deliveries (i.e. items on pallets or skids can require special handling). You must be available to receive your animals immediately upon delivery or make arrangements with a colleague to do so.

Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Liquids

Ivey Industries is our preferred supplier of compressed gasses and cryogenic liquids. Faculty/Staff should order directly from Ivey and coordinate with them to have the Driver deliver/ pick up from the location where the product is used/stored  If you will be unavailable to meet the Driver, or if you are having your cylinders delivered to/ picked up from the Carr Lab Science Center Stockroom, you must coordinate with us in advance.


Export Control

Faculty/Staff must verify with the Dean of Faculty Office that Export Control requirements are met.

Hazardous Materials Shipping

Faculty/Staff must coordinate with the Office of Environmental Safety prior to shipping chemicals, infectious materials or any other hazardous items to ensure DOT and IATA Dangerous Goods requirements are met.

Specialized Equipment and Large Items

Coordinate with the Science Center Stockroom in advance if you are shipping out specialized equipment or large items which must be picked up from the Carr Lab loading dock.

Small Parcels/Documents/Nonhazardous Items

Faculty/Staff must package items themselves and go to, or coordinate with, the Mail and Copy Center to ship out non hazardous items via USPS, UPS, FedEx or other method.

Dry Ice

Location: Carr G27-Center

Dry ice: generated on-site, is available as-needed

The Science Center Stockroom’s dry ice machine makes 1-pound bricks of dry ice. Faculty/Staff are responsible for training their own students in proper use of the machine and how to safely handle dry ice.

Science Faculty/ Staff can request OneCard access to Carr G27-Center for their students that are authorized to make dry ice by completing the OneCard Access Request Form.

Chemical Management System

Chemical Management System

The Chemical Management System, maintained by the Stockroom, provides a searchable database for all inventoried chemicals in the science center. Please visit the Chemical Environmental Management System (CEMS) to set up your account and view your inventory.

Contact the stockroom with any questions you may have.

If you find that you received a chemical directly, please contact the stockroom to make arrangements for it to be entered into the inventory.

Empty Chemical Containers - Barcodes

Faculty/ Staff must help ensure that our chemical inventory is accurate. When a chemical container is empty, please remove the “Mount Holyoke Chemical Inventory Barcode” and place it on the Barcode Return Sheet. You can keep this sheet posted near a hazardous waste satellite collection area if your lab has one or turn it to the Science Center Stockroom.