Safety Data Sheets

Chemical products can have hazards that it’s important to know about before purchasing or using. OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard covers chemical safety in the workplace. Manufacturers must evaluate their products and have hazard information clearly printed on product labels and must also provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS).  Labels and SDS provide important information, including hazard(s), storage requirements, first aid measures, disposal information and more. Product labels and SDS must comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classifying and Labeling Chemicals (GHS).  

GHS requires that information on physical hazards and toxicity from chemicals be available in a uniform way to help protect human health and the environment during handling, transport and use and provides a basis for harmonization of rules and regulations on chemicals at national, regional and worldwide levels. Chemical product information must contain universal pictograms and some will include signal words, depending on the level of the hazard.“Warning” is used for less severe hazards and ‘Danger’ is used for more severe hazards.

Several College departments have chemicals for which we must maintain an inventory.  Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for MHC departments, except Science Center Laboratories, are available through MHC’s account with Velocity EHS MSDSonline. 

Look for a SDS by entering the product name, manufacturer’s name, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number or manufacturer's product code in the 'Search' field.   You can also use the drop down menu to select the campus location to see an inventory for a specific department. If you do not find the SDS in the MHC inventory, check ‘Alternative Options' to see if possible matches were identified.  Contact EH&S if you need assistance.  

If your department begins using a new product, or discontinues using a product, please notify EH&S so that we can update the inventory.    Prior to purchasing any chemical product, please be sure you are selecting the least hazardous product possible.  Care should be taken to purchase only the quantity needed for reasons of cost, storage and especially to minimize environmental impact.  

The Science Center uses CEMS, a separate inventory system for authorized users.  Given the hazards and complexities of many laboratory operations, Science faculty/ staff must follow additional protocols prior to purchasing or working with certain chemicals.  Contact EH&S with questions regarding CEMS access or lab safety.

If you have questions about SDS or chemical product safety or disposal, please write to