Recognized Student Organizations

From day one on campus, students are encouraged to get involved, ultimately shaping the MHC campus culture. Student organizations serve a variety of roles at Mount Holyoke College, with many planning and executing a number of the activities and events that take place at MHC. Overall, student organization programs celebrate the depth and breadth of our diverse community, and provide a great opportunity for making connections.

These activities also provide the social and leadership foundations that will serve you for the rest of your lives. And since today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens, the impact which campus activities and the entire educational process have on you as an individual later benefits society as a whole.

The Office of Student Involvement and the Student Government Association (SGA) work in collaboration to support the efforts of upwards of 100+ recognized student organizations (RSO's) each year. Student Organizations contribute powerfully to the vibrant co-curricular life of Mount Holyoke College and represent an incredible array of community interests. Student Involvement recognizes and advises student organizations, while the SGA provides much of the funding and political representations for these groups.

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