What Is Performance Management

Performance Management is a set of strategies and actions designed to develop and utilize all of the individual talents that exist in the College to achieve optimal results.

Performance Management is an ongoing process that facilitates the planning, coaching and evaluating of employee performance.

Many organizations appraise performance - evaluating performance results and behaviors. Performance management allows organizations to manage performance with employees working throughout the year to plan, monitor and develop the expected results and behaviors. The performance evaluation is just part of the performance management process. The College has created a performance evaluation form to facilitate this process which is based on a set of competencies which are college-wide behaviors and responsibilities that all employees are expected to exhibit. Expanded descriptions of the performance evaluation competencies and evaluation criteria can be found in Phase III. Evaluating.  Specifically, the performance management process involves:

  • a meeting between supervisor and employee at the beginning of the performance cycle to plan, set goals and identify development needs and opportunities;
  • providing continuous feedback throughout the year on performance, goals, directions and changing expectations;
  • coaching all levels of performance;
  • evaluating performance at the end of the year; and
  • developing plans to maintain and/or improve performance for the next year.

Performance management, a process that empowers employees to play a major role in their own performance planning and development, gives supervisors and employees the tools to succeed.

An effective performance management program will result in improved operations for the College, more highly satisfied and motivated employees, and better outcomes and services.