Office Ergonomics

Proper body position and mechanics is an important part of working safely. Simply stated, ergonomics is adjusting and arranging your work environment to fit you and your body. This may also require changing your body position for certain jobs and breaking bad habits such as poor posture.

For employees who work in offices, the college provides an adjustable chair, and a table that can be set to the correct height or a keyboard tray. If you require alternative office furniture, such as a sit/stand desk, to meet a medical need, please visit Accommodations on the HR Info Site on my.mtholyoke.

This page provides information to help you evaluate and improve the ergonomics of your work. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety at ext. 3554 or email.

Office Ergonomics
General Guidelines

Chair Adjustments —
Office Master Chairs, click on ADJUSTMENTS

Standard 'Drive' Chair newer model 
Standard 'Drive' Chair older model 
Note: The older model chair has a 3 in 1 Control™ under the right side of the seat. The newer model has 3 separate controls.

Exercises —
Mayo Clinic

- For questions or assistance in assessing your work area 
Lori B. Smith, ext. 3554, Environmental Health & Safety
- For ergonomic chairs replacement
Gary Laverdiere, ext. 2237, Facilities Management
Material Handling
Safe Lifting and Carrying

Tools and Links
Laptop Users  [Berkeley]
Safe Lifting  [Berkeley]
Workstation Checklist  [Berkeley]