Event Relocation

The College is committed to providing access to programs and activities. However, even with conscientious planning, there may be instances when a program, activity or service is located in a facility that is inaccessible for some participants with disabilities. Upon timely notice, which is considered 1-2 weeks, the College will relocate a program, activity or service to a venue that meets the relevant accessible needs. If relocation is not possible, the College will discuss other reasonable modifications to provide access to participants with disabilities. 

To inquire about accessible features of a venue or to request the relocation of an event, contact the host or office of the program, activity or service.  In instances where the host or office contact is unknown or unresponsive, contact the Section 504 Coordinator in instances where the host or office contact is unknown or unresponsive. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance whenever possible so that there is sufficient time to provide adjustments or relocate an event. Please contact the College’s Section 504 Coordinator at 413-538-3642 or via email at section504coordinator@mtholyoke.edu with questions or concerns regarding implementation of the relocation policy.

Students with disabilities may also seek relocation of academic classes or residence hall assignment as an approved accommodation. To request this, students should contact Disability Services.Again, requesters should provide sufficient time to provide the necessary accommodation(s) for participation or relocation. 

Employees with disabilities seeking relocation as a work-related accommodation should contact the director of Human Resources at 413-538-2503.