Access Ride Card (ARC)

About the Service

Access Ride Card (ARC) is the College's campus transportation for students with temporary or permanent disabilities that affect their mobility. The van operates 8 am–8 pm, Monday through Friday and weekends by request during the academic year (see "Requesting a Ride During the Weekend" below). Prior to requesting a ride, students must be seen by Health Services (for short-term disabilities) or have met with and provided the appropriate documentation to Disability Services (for long-term disabilities). Employees should obtain approval from Human Resources.

Please note: only individuals who have been granted access to use the ARC van will be permitted to use it.

Approved students are welcome to use this service to attend classes, meals, go to the library, and attend lectures and social events on campus. Transportation for students in courses that end after 8 pm will be coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

Riders are encouraged to give as much notice as possible when requesting rides to allow for fleet staff to plan accordingly;  to request a weekend ride email fleet-g@mtholyoke.eduPlease also note that staff will plan so that the rider will arrive at their destination ten minutes early to allow for time to disembark the vehicle. However, pick-up and drop-off windows may vary, so allow extra time to reach your destination.

Requesting a Ride Monday through Friday

Please call Public Safety and Service at 413-538-2304 to request an Access ride during a week day (Monday through Friday). They will coordinate with Fleet Services. Tell the officer that you are calling for an Access ride and be prepared to provide the following:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Where you will be picked up and at what time
  • Where you need to be dropped off, and if this is time-sensitive (for instance, for a class or lecture)
  • If you use a wheelchair or scooter
  • If you will have College-appointed attendants, interpreters, or a service animal with you

A ride request must be called in for each ride. The College cannot currently process standing requests for rides.

Due to limited seating capacity, only students approved for ARC and their personal care attendants, interpreters, or service animals will be permitted to use this service. All other animals, including emotional support animals, are not permitted in College operated or contracted vehicles.

Requesting a Ride during the Weekend

To request a ride for a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday), please email no later than Friday at 12 pm. This allows for Fleet Services to receive your request and plan coverage and staffing accordingly.