Frequently Asked Questions

To submit a request, please fill out our service request form. For requests that Facilities can't handle, you should address your questions to the Office of Residential Life. The professionals at Res Life are trained to be your advocates and are well acquainted with all of the issues that contribute to a positive residential experience.

Please note that facilities does not lend tools.


A piece of my furniture is broken

If the damage happens after the start of the school year, a work order request can be submitted using the facilities service request system. Damage reported during the "Start of School" Inspection will be corrected by Facilities Management. If these repairs aren't made before move in, unpack as best you can and repairs will be made as quickly as possible.

My light burnt out

Burnt out lights will be replaced as quickly as possible. While Facilities Management will try to replace the light the day or evening the request is submitted, if they can not be done the day of, for safety, you can leave your closet door open so that the light from your closet will spill into the room.

Curtain rods and shades

Facilities Management does not provide curtain rods.

Why do only some halls have drapes?

Facilities Management does not provide drapes except for those halls that are equipped with drapes instead of shades or blinds. Each residence hall was designed to have privacy provided by, either shades, drapes or blinds.

My shade or curtain is broken.

If your shade or curtain is broken, submit a request via the web based facilities service request work order system. Depending on the volume of requests, it may take a while to complete.  

My room is too hot and my window is stuck.

Please call x2012 right away. Facilities Management should be able to respond up until 10 pm, Monday through Friday. On the weekend notify the College Operator - they may be able to contact a Facilities Management staff member.

My window screens are missing

You can submit a request via the web based facilities service request work order system.


Furniture Requests

Too much or missing furniture

Rooms are inspected by a staff members, and all missing items should have been reported to Facilities Management. Facilities Management is working to correct any of the problems that have been reported. Please, report any missing items to Residential Life who will follow up with Facilities Management.

For missing beds, please call x2012. Facilities Management should be able to deliver either of these items up Monday-Friday until 10 pm. On the weekends, or after 4:30 pm during the weekday, please notify the College Operator at 413-538-2000. If it is late, you can also contact a Facilities Management staff member directly.

My double only has one bookcase

Some of the doubles, most notably many of the rooms in MacGregor, Prospect, Ham, and 1837, have one large tall bookcase rather than two small bookcases in order to provide more floor space. If you are in a double with a tall bookcase, you and your roommate should share that bookcase. Only rooms with one normal size bookcase (4’ or less) can report a missing bookcase. All rooms are inspected by a member of the staff. All missing items should have been reported and Facilities Management will work throughout the beginning of the year to correct all reported problems. If it appears that a report has not submitted, you can submit a request using the facilities service request system.

If your room already has the appropriate amount furniture, you cannot request additional furniture.

Furniture in my room

We, along with Residential Life, have visually inspected the furniture and we believe this is the correct amount of furniture for the space/occupants. Students may not alter the furniture in their rooms in any way or they will be billed the full amount for replacement. We require students to keep College provided furniture in their assigned rooms. Placing furniture in the hallway violates the local fire code and is subject to very large fines when the local fire department inspects the halls. Please note that this fine could be passed on to the student responsible for violating the fire code.

I have a back problem and would like a bed board

Facilities Management does not provide bed boards. You may want to purchase one from a nearby lumberyard. (Home Depot on Route 33 in Chicopee or Route 9 in Hadley, and Leader Lumber on Route 9 in Amherst are three possibilities.)

My mattress is terrible, I want a new one

You can submit a request via the web based facilities service request work order system.

My bookcase is missing shelves or clips

Missing clips can be picked up at the Facilities Management Office. If the clips that support the shelves fall out when weight is put on it, check to make sure the clips have not been installed upside down. When installed properly the clips should remain secure. Shelves can be requested via the web based facilities service request work order system.

Facilities Management will correct any problems that the Residential Life Staff reported in their “Start of School” inspection.

We only have one closet in our double

If you are in a double with closet space for only one - we will provide a solution.  Please notify the Office of Residential Life. (Some doubles have one “over sized” closet.) Together, with Facilities Management, they will try to find the most “user friendly” solution to the problem.  A portable closet in the hallway is a possible alternative.

Can I bunk my wooden beds?

Usually the necessary “pins” can be found in the top drawer of your dresser. If there are none there, see your Housekeeper. She should be able to provide you with four “pins” that you can insert into the bed post. This will allow your roommate and you to create bunk beds. If your Housekeeper does not have any pins, you can pick them up at the Facilities Management Office personally during their normal working hours 7 am to 4:15 pm, Monday thru Friday.

How to change the height of your bed

Facilities management does not provide the service of changing the height of your bed frame.  Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Find a friend to help you.
  2. Remove the mattress.
  3. Turn the entire bed upside down.  Please be careful and watch your feet!
  4. Lift and let go of the wooden bed ends so they fall on the floor.  This will allow the metal frame to come loose from the wooden bed ends.
  5. Turn the metal frame over (there is no need to turn the wooden bed ends over) and reinstall the metal frame to the desired height.
  6. Lift the wooden bed ends and let them fall to the floor.  This will set the metal frame into the wooden bed ends.
  7. Replace the mattress.


Keys and Locks

I'm locked out of my room

If your Residential Life student staff is available they can let you into your room. If the staff is not available, contact Campus Police for assistance at x2304. There may be a charge for this service on the part of Campus Police. This is not a service that Facilities Management can provide.

My key won’t unlock my closet

If you have a roommate, try swapping keys with your roommate.  In nearly every residence hall each key is designed to open the door to the room, and to open the door to one of the two closets.  It may be that your key opens your room mates closet, and vice versa.

Facilities locked me out when they made a repair

When Facilities enters a room to deliver something or to provide a service College Policy requires that they lock the door when exiting.


Trunk Rooms

I left boxes in the Trunk Room, now they're gone

Items left in the Trunk Rooms during the school year are left at the risk of the student. During the school year Facilities Management would not have had any reason to move your items. During the summer Trunk Rooms are not available for storage and are cleared out by Facilities Management at the direction of Residential Life. The items cleared out during the summer are disposed of.

What do I do if I lose my trunk key?

Facilities Management or Residential Life doesn't provide locksmith services for personal items like suitcases and trunks. 

How do I get into my trunk room?

Residential Life will ensure that the Trunk Rooms will be unlocked and open for easy access for new and returning students. Do not call Facilities Management.


Other Help

Where do packages received on break go?

Any packages received for you would have been received at The Mail & Copy Center in Central Services. A notice would have been sent to you through e-mail, shortly after receiving the package. For more information visit the The Mail & Copy Center website. The College’s Mail Service Office is open during the Academic Year Monday thru Friday; from 8:30 am to 5 pm, ext. 2462.

Can I borrow a dolly to move my things?

There are no dollies or hand trucks available. In the past when they have been provided to each residence hall they have quickly disappeared. Facilities Management does not provide the service of moving student’s belongings to their rooms. It is possible that The Mail & Copy Center (413) 538-2462, may rent dollies or hand trucks.  In cases where the Disability Services office is aware of a student having a disability, and communicates that to Facilities, Facilities will provide that service – if they have staffing on hand.

I left my bike over the summer, now it's gone.

The determination that a bicycle is abandoned is made by the Campus Police. The confiscation of abandoned bicycles is accomplished by Campus Police. As a result there is no reason for Facilities Management staff and/or outside contractors to be involved in the issue of whether or not a bicycle is abandoned - or to be removing bicycles.