Volunteer Confidentiality

Acceptance of Agreement Required

You are seeing this page because you did not agree to our Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement. Your privacy and that of your fellow alums is important to us. Access to the Volunteer Hub is contingent upon your acceptance of this agreement. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact Jonencia Wood, senior director of alum engagement at jwood@mtholyoke.edu or 413-538-2738.

Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Access to constituent information for Mount Holyoke College and Alumnae Association volunteers is conditioned upon reviewing and agreeing to the terms this confidentiality agreement.

It is the policy of Mount Holyoke College and the Alumnae Association that information regarding students, alums, parents, faculty, staff, and other constituents be handled with discretion and in a manner consistent with the core values of the College. In volunteer activities for Mount Holyoke, volunteers may have access to documents, data, or other information about these constituents, some or all of which may be confidential.

Except as appropriate in connection with volunteer responsibilities, volunteers will not (directly or indirectly) use, publish, disseminate or otherwise disclose to any third party, or use for personal gain or for other commercial, political, or private purposes, any confidential information acquired in the course of volunteer activities. Accordingly, at the end of their volunteer responsibilities, materials that contain confidential information should be destroyed or, upon request, returned to Mount Holyoke.

By accepting these terms, you hereby agree to comply with the above policy and to protect confidential information obtained during the course of your service to Mount Holyoke. This information is intended solely for the specific work purposes initiated by Mount Holyoke College and the Alumnae Association.

Disclosure or misuse of confidential information in a manner that violates the above policy is prohibited. Obligations to protect this confidential information continue after the specific volunteer work is completed. The College and Alumnae Association view this as an important commitment on the part of each volunteer.

Volunteer Code of Conduct 

An overview of key principles our volunteers commit to uphold:

Defining a Code of Conduct: a set of principles and expectations for how volunteers operate that includes guidance on (a) volunteer relationships, behaviors and communications and (b) governing policies for volunteer activity. 

Why Implement a Code of Conduct? As a women’s college that is gender diverse, Mount Holyoke College is a special place that is focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, women-centered leadership, civic engagement and academic excellence. The code is a tool for understanding and upholding respectful standards across communities. The code ensures that volunteers start with a common understanding of volunteer standards at Mount Holyoke College. 

The “Do’s”

  • Please remember and do your utmost best to uphold the missions of the College and Alumnae Association at all times.
    • Mount Holyoke’s mission is to provide an intellectually adventurous education in the liberal arts and sciences through academic programs recognized internationally for their excellence and range; to draw students from all backgrounds into an exceptionally diverse and inclusive learning community with a highly accomplished, committed, and responsive faculty and staff; to continue building on the College’s historic legacy of leadership in the education of women; and to prepare students, through a liberal education integrating curriculum and careers, for lives of thoughtful, effective, and purposeful engagement in the world.
    • The Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College is an independent organization providing diverse and inclusive programs, expertise and resources to foster lifelong learning and to empower alums to connect with each other and the College.
  • Understand that you represent Mount Holyoke College and the Alumnae Association: As a volunteer, you are an ambassador for both the College and the Alumnae Association. This includes in-person volunteer events, virtual gatherings and social media platforms. Your actions reflect both on you and on Mount Holyoke College.
  • Promote a respectful community: Treat all volunteers, employees and community members with respect, courtesy and dignity. This includes avoiding insensitive or offensive language. Verbal and physical violence will not be tolerated.
  • Understand that your volunteer work with the College and Association should be treated with the same rigor, attention to detail and respect that you exhibit when interacting in your places of work. Come prepared to meetings: Do your best to ensure a focused agenda and defined outcomes, create minutes and identify next steps.
  • Understand your role as a volunteer: As a College or Alumnae Association volunteer, it is your responsibility to provide the necessary support for the College and Associations’ staff members. College and Association personnel should be treated with the utmost respect as partners. This also includes making sure you accurately represent your role as a volunteer. You should not give the impression that you are a College or Alumnae Association employee or consultant. 

Expect Mount Holyoke staff to treat you with respect, as well: The countless contributions volunteers make to the College are greatly appreciated. Volunteers are valuable constituents, and as such, can expect to be treated with professionalism and respect