Leadership Development

Board members of the Mount Holyoke Model United Nations pose with their Distinguished Student Organization Award citation (from left): Maham Khan '19, Marwa Mikati '17, Kim Foreiter '19 and Edith Amoafoa-Smart '19.

A leader is not necessarily a person who holds a formal position of leadership or who is perceived to be a leader by others. A leader is someone who is able to effect positive change for the betterment of others, the community, and society. Everyone is a potential leader.  Leadership involves collaborative relationships that produce collective actions grounded in shared values of people who work together to effect positive change. 

We want to help you learn about your strengths, your values, your communication style, and how these work together to help you lead. We can meet with you individually, or you can attend a workshop in the Student Involvement Studio. Once you know yourself, we will help connect you with the community you would love to impact. Whether this is connecting you to a student organization, your Class Board, the Student Government Association, or an opportunity or department on campus such as the Weissman Center or the Leadership LLC, you can make your impact within and outside of Mount Holyoke.